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Cleaning a Hoarder's Kitchen

5/29/2017 (Permalink)

Hoarding can present a dangerous safety hazard.

Hoarding is a mental illness that can become so severe that the person's health and life are in jeopardy.

Piles of debris provides fuel for fire and homes for rodents and insects. The problem is especially bad when the hoarder lives in a multi-unit dwelling. The odor, bacteria, rodents and threat of fire, often affects neighboring units that are along side, above and below the offending unit.

Research concerning hoarders reports that the majority of hoarders are older, single women and a large percent of hoarders have alcohol or drug problems too. These statistics indicate that hoarders might be impaired and are prone to having accidents in their homes.

SERVPRO of Stockton has ample experience in cleaning up the clutter and debris of hoarder scenes for relatives and landlords that inherit the mess.

Bed bugs, tiny in size... big appetite.

5/20/2017 (Permalink)

People can't usually detect bed bug bites as they happen.

Bed bugs have a bad reputation... they're small but can bite their host five to ten times. Each time taking a small amount of blood and then a few days later the affected area itches like crazy.

Restoration companies like SERVPRO are not allowed to kill bed bugs or others pests in the state of California. However, we can certainly come in following treatment and cleanup the mess.

We provide follow up services for a number of property management and ownership companies. We also service county housing departments.

If your property suffers from bed bugs, hire a professional pest management company to solve the problem, and then call in SERVPRO of Stockton to do a final inspection and cleanup. We are here to help: 209-477-3090