What our Customers say...


SERVPRO responded promptly to our request for help when the a customer overflowed the toilet in the ladies room and flooded an area of our display room. Thank you. 

We had a tree completely knocked down from the storm. It crashed through our roof and really did a number on the house. SERVPRO rushed right out and got right on it! They picked up the tree, took it away and were quick about it. Next storm, I’m calling SERVPRO!

After a storm does its damage, I recommend you call SERVPRO. That last one tore several roof shingles off the house. Water was leaking in and was really coming in through the garage roof. SERVPRO quickly arrived and began grabbing up and loading the refuse and what landed in the yard from the roof. The team also removed the standing water all throughout the house. These guys really did a fine job, quickly and skillfully. I have already told several friends with storm damage to call SERVPRO now!

Big THANKS to the whole team at SERVPRO who are so good at what they do and care for their Customers do much! A bad gas line in our home caused a fire and some major damage. I called SERVPRO and they began the job immediately after the fire was taken care of. They collected the burned and trashed stuff and took the junk away very quickly. They vacuumed and cleared up the standing water and the place began to look normal. I hope nobody I know ever has a fire, but if they do, I’ll tell them to call SERVPRO first.

SERVPRO made my life easier and took a huge load off! I run a local pizza place with several high school age employees. A group of the kids thought it would be a great idea to have a party there after closing time. Several dozen showed up and after a few hours, the whole place, the dining room, the kitchen, the restrooms, were a terrible mess. When I arrived the next morning, I was shocked and quickly realized I needed help cleaning up and a professional team was my best bet. SERVPRO took on the job and arrived with their equipment very quickly. They took away the garbage, cleaned up all the broken glass, cleaned all walls (and ceilings!), sanitized all counter tops and cooking surfaces and made the place ready for business that day! I was very happy with their speed, high quality of work, and professionalism. Unlike my employees, SERVPRO can really be counted on!

SERVPRO really knows what they’re doing! Jesse is a real Pro and is a real SERVPRO Expert! His Team can clean up after large floods, remove all standing water and pull out and dry water in the walls, carpet, furniture, and dry and fix other stuff like electronics, important papers, pretty much things you thought were destroyed by water. The Specialists at SERVPRO will make an assessment, determine what needs to be done, and guide you through the whole process. Even if you cannot yet move back in to your home, SERVPRO can safely pack, move and securely store your things in an indoor, safe and secure vault until you’re ready to get back in. That’s what we did and it could not have worked out any better.

The wall beside my yard was tagged and my scrubbing didn’t help. SERVPRO has the right gear and know how to remove the paint thoroughly and quickly. The team arrived and got the job done! It looked like a new wall was built. I know you can’t prevent graffiti all the time, but when it’s there, SERVPRO is the company to call to get it removed! Thank you Tammy and SERVPRO of Stockton!

Tammy, I can't say enough good things about Tony, he's a hard worker.

The SERVPRO crew couldn't be better.

We sleep better at night knowing that the mold in our bathroom was not that toxic black mold and it was simple to remove. Thank you for the information and help. We highly recommend your company. 

To whom it may concern. My music studio developed a strong smell of mold after the winter rains. Thanks to the professional at SERVPRO my studio no longer has this problem. The odor was in the sump pump chamber and was a fairly easy fix. 

Thank you to SERVPRO for solving my mold problem in the bathroom. I sleep better knowing my family won't get sick from mold.

Our company's storage facility was flooded by the recent rains. SERVPRO was great. You responded during the holidays and got everything dry for me. Even though you were really busy, your employees took time to help me. I will use you again if I have to need you.

Fast service on Saturday. Thank you to Jessie who explained everything.

Eugene, Jesse and Sonja very professional. Job kept on schedule and kept me informed of progress.

To whom it concerns: SERVPRO did a nice job. The workers were pleasant and worked hard.

Your team really came through. THANK YOU !!!

Sonya and her crew did a nice job of cleaning up the mess from a cooking fire. She showed up on time and finished in one day. I recommend SERVPRO to anyone who needs their help.

SERVPRO solved my mold problem. They explained their process and I'm happy with their service.

I can not say enough positive things about this experience, thank you all! The team that was sent to my house exceeded all my expectations! Mayra Parra is an exceptional worker as well as person. SERVPRO is very lucky to have her on their staff!

I would definitely recommend this company! They were on time, did their job and even cleaned up after themselves.

SERVPRO came out and helped me out after a water line broke and they were very professional. I was beyond satisfied with the job and how they monitored the progress.

Really happy with the service that SERVPRO gave us. They were on time, well trained, equipped and walked us through everything they had to do.

SERVPRO of Stockton came out and did an amazing job cleaning up our sewage problem. The lobby never looked better after they were done cleaning and sanitizing!!

My roof repair failed twice and SERVPRO came out both times and made it look "Like it never even happened." I wish my roofer was just as good as they were.

Great service! 10+

Super job fixing my water leak! You guys saved me thousands of dollars in costly repairs by helping me prevent major Brookside water damage before it happens.

After my bathroom was found to have high levels of mold, I turned to these professionals to get the job done right and quickly. They did not disappoint. Amazing work!

Don't let another day go by without addressing your Oakdale fire damage repairs. Start by calling these experts! They will get you back on your feet and in your home in no time!

All technicians are skilled and fully knowledgeable about their procedures and expectations.

Nice, Clean job!

I appreciate a job well done. Friendly people.

I wanted to reach out and express my gratitude to Ms. Jackie Irrgang and her crew for the pack-out they performed on this job. Ms. Irrgang went above and beyond on this rather difficult claim.... I was thoroughly impressed and look forward to working again with your company In the near future.

Very impressed with your service from start to finish.

This was the first time I had ever dealt with water damage, so I did not know what to expect. Not only am I thankful for a job well done, but I appreciate your team’s willingness to walk me through the repair process and answer all my questions. I can’t say thank you enough.

Crew members went above and beyond the call of duty to assist my family in getting back in our home as quickly as possible after an electrical fire damaged it. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who finds themselves in this unfortunate situation in the future.

I was really impressed with how quickly your team started getting the water out of my home after a flood. I was even more impressed with their outstanding attention to detail. They were not satisfied until my home showed absolutely no signs of once being under water.

I knew I’d made the right decision calling your company about water damage when a crew arrived within an hour with dehumidifiers, fans, and everything else needed to dry out the water. I felt confident and comfortable with all the work the crew did. Overall, I am more than happy with the results.

Thanks for arrived quickly to start boarding up our fire ravaged home and sealing it with tarps. From that moment on, everything went wonderfully…even better than I had dared to dream it would.

Incredible crew who walked me through the flood damage restoration process and helped me understand every step of what was going on and why. Thank you so much for your hard work.

A fantastic job and an immaculate cleanup after water damaged my basement. I hope I never have to deal with type of situation in the future, but if I do at least I know who I should call first.